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Tora Bora, eight years on

zaterdag, september 12th, 2009

Yesterday was the remembrance of the 9/11 attacks. There wasn’t much interest in the Dutch media. A short item on the NOS News, that was all. CNN came up with a bigger story on a 9/11-scare in Washington, after a few boats of the Coast Guard had lost their balance a bit. That was all.

Obama didn’t even make the effort to go to New York - although it was his first remembrance as president. He chose to stay at home to receive the Dutch princess Maxima and her husband. Maybe he also secretly thinks the whole attack was a Bush ploy. Eight years ago everyone spoke of a direct assault on the US; now it’s the favorite theme for conspiracy theory addicts. Everyone was behind it, just as it happened with Kennedy.

Sometimes you wonder if Al Qaida and Bin Laden (‘Mister Laden’, as Dutch prime minister Wim Kok used to call him) were made up too. Are there still people who go to have a look in Tora Bora these days? Is anyone searching for this man? Once in a while some unconvincing video pops up on Al-Jazeera. The secret services probably think: he’s been dead for a while. Is there still anyone left to write about the bearded Saudi prince with the cunning plans?

Tora Bora - hier ergens zat de heer Laden.

Tora Bora - the hide out of 'Mr Laden'.